7 thoughts on “A Family-Friendly Fontana

  1. Hi! Loving this layout and would consider only making slight modifications to suit my own family’s needs. Just wondering what the final price on this build was if you’re able to share? Thanks!

    1. Yes please, it would be helpful to know the final price. Or what it goes for (not what the customer got it for). Thanks.

  2. Hello again. Is the fontana pulled by a regular pick up truck or does it have to be moved by someone else? Love your work.

  3. Loving your work…and price points. I’ve always looked at Tumbleweeds models but they seem to not have as many features and built ins compared to your product and they tend to run 15k or more…what is your opinion on their products? Why are they charging such a premium? Are there differences in insulation or hvac? Glad I found you guys after watching a tiny house episode on tv.

    1. Thank you Tim for your kind words. I’ve spoken to several people at Tumbleweed and have had great conversations with them. We try to sell our products based on their own merits as opposed to why our homes are better than someone else’s product. Anyone is invited to come by our shop and take a look and decide for themselves. We strive to build our homes to the highest quality and still maintain a fair price point. I would hope that other reputable RVIA builders would do the same.

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