Backyard Home Office / Hobby Lobby

Work or Play with a Backyard Home Office or
Hobby Lobby from Cornerstone Tiny Homes

How much is working (or playing) in an uninterrupted space worth to you? Cornerstone Tiny Homes provide the perfect environment for those who desire a comfortable, private space to work from home or just to pursue their various passions like art, music, sports or photography.

Backyard Offices and Hobby Lobbies are types of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), a secondary house, apartment or studio that shares space on a property of a larger, primary home. The COVID-19 pandemic ignited a work from home revolution, increasing the demand for high-functioning home offices. Our tiny homes on foundations can also be utilized as man-caves, she-sheds or personal space for just about any use.

At Cornerstone, we put the same great care and attention to quality into our backyard offices as we do any tiny home project. These are fully insulated spaces, built to FL building codes, and delivered right to your property. We offer several foundation home floor plans and you can customize the exterior and interior finishes to suit your needs. With a Cornerstone Tiny Home, you can get back to work or play with a little more peace and quiet.

The Backyard Office: The Ideal Setting for Remote Work from Home

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