Cornerstone Tiny Homes is proud to introduce a Florida Building Code Compliant Tiny Home

The Denali
The Kearney
The Fairweather

Exterior Elevation - Main

  • 2014 Florida Building Code, Residential Compliant Designs
  • 2015 International Residential Code Compliant Designs
  • Designed by Florida registered Professional Engineer (PE#70921)
  • Built by Certified Building Contractor (CBC 1255395)
  • Built within a State of Florida Approved Modular Manufacturing Facility (MFT 11224) Pending
  • State of Florida Approved Designs by certified third party plans reviewers Pending
  • State of Florida Inspected during fabrication by certified third party building inspectors
  • Eased zoning restrictions, can be placed in most typical neighborhoods, not RV parks
  • Perfect for narrow and profoundly narrow lot configurations
  • Designed for hurricane prone coastal regions and the elevated Wind Borne Debris criteria

Building Standards

  • Factory built to accelerate delivery, reduce waste and ensure the highest quality product will qualify for a mortgage
  • Trained and closely supervised workforce
  • Assembly with precision jigs
  • Use of the highest quality, kiln-dried lumber
  • Fabricated in a climate controlled facility with materials protected from the elements enhancing indoor air quality
  • Construction standards that meet or exceed local and state building codes
  • Unparalleled structural strength
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Rigorous quality control systems



  • Delivered to your site
  • Fastened to a foundation in accordance with the Florida Building Code
  • Ready for plumbing and electrical hookups




A Variety of Architectural Styles

  • Single or multi-module residential units with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options.
  • Architectural styles ranging from traditional colonial and cape cod to mid-century modern
  • Optional carport, garage, porch and deck components may be added during your design consultation.

The Denali

Exterior (1) Floorplan Kitchen Bedroom Living Bathroom 2 Bathroom

  The Kearney

Exterior Elevation Floorplan Kitchen (1) Kitchen 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom (1) Bathroom 2 (1) Bathroom (1)



The Fairweather

Exterior (1) Floorplan (1) Living (1) Kitchen (2)


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