Cornerstone Tiny Homes is proud to introduce a Florida Building Code Compliant Tiny Home

Prices start at $68,500*
*Pricing will vary depending on finish, fixture, and appliance selections. Read more about the design/build process here.


Cozy, welcoming and beautiful, the Denali is the tiny house where you and several guests can feel right at home. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out in this 360-square foot, small footprint house. It’s built to Florida Building Code and features a spacious 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom layout. There is room in the kitchen for a dishwasher or a combination washer/dryer unit. The eat-at-counter is a great space-saver that can accommodate 3-4 guests. The bathroom includes a full-size bath tub, unless you’d rather customize the room for a roll-in shower or smaller shower, depending on your needs. The entry can be set on the short wall or the long wall depending on your lot size.




This 360-square foot small footprint house is known for providing plenty of living space in both the kitchen and living room. You’ll definitely want to have get-togethers in the Kearney. With a dishwasher and stackable washer/dryer, you won’t need to make any sacrifices by living tiny. The Kearney is built to Florida Building Code, featuring a  spacious 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom layout. The cozy bathroom comes with a 36″x36″ shower, allowing for all the extra living space. The Kearney is the perfect choice for narrow lots.





Life is more than fair when choosing to live in the Fairweather home. This house is a 360-square foot small footprint home, built to Florida Building Code, featuring a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom layout. The bathroom features a full-size bathtub, however, it can accommodate a roll-in shower or smaller 36″x36″ shower instead, depending on your needs. There is space in the large kitchen for a dishwasher or combination washer/dryer unit. The 2-person eat-at-counter is a great space-saving option. This tiny home feels anything but tiny.








The Palisade is more than just a charming home! An extra multi-purpose room could transform this house into a home office, yoga studio or just a great spot for extra storage. The Palisade is built to Florida Building Code and it has every amenity to make you feel right at home. This home has a spacious bedroom, living room and a bathroom that includes a full-size tub. The Palisade raises the bar in tiny home living.








The Denali

 The Kearney

 The Fairweather

 The Palisade

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