TH Design

You’ve read blogs. You’ve followed Facebook groups. You’ve googled, researched and dreamed. You may have even attended tiny home workshops and open houses. You may have even taken our Tiny Home Planning Interview.

So, now it’s time to take the next step!

Sit down with a professional tiny home design expert who can work out the details of the exact tiny home you want.

The Design Meeting (DM) allows you to build a partnership with your tiny home designer and builder who can help to identify problems in your design ideas for your tiny home and to provide solutions so that your ideas can work.

As a two-hour+ consult, the DM begins by sitting down with the principles of the company Brett and Kim. During the DM, they will consult with you to identify your lifestyle needs and how those can be incorporated into a tiny house. Using architectural software to custom design your tiny dream home (to the inch), you will be able to see plan and elevation views (like blueprints) of your future tiny house. Brett and Kim will also discuss materials, features, appliances, etc.

In order for you to enjoy and live comfortably in your home, there are many considerations. We ask you the questions that will set you up for success for tiny living. We listen to all the ideas and dreams you have about your tiny home, and we discuss them in detail. We provide creative solutions to make each of your ideas work. Every area of tiny home design and building is covered, so that no stone is left unturned.

Our initial design meeting helps you to incorporate your lifestyle into your tiny home design and to increase the chances of your success. It can also help you to understand that you are in capable hands. This gives you a higher level of confidence and assurance that you can do this!

Get excited about your future! See your tiny home becoming a reality right before your eyes.

Tiny Home Design Meeting Held Over The Internet

We hold our tiny home design meetings in person at our 6500 sq. foot manufacturing facility in Longwood, Florida, or we can hold a meeting with you over Skype or Google Hangouts, too.

A typical tiny home design meeting lasts 2 hours. The time allows us enough information to give you the exact cost for your tiny home, so that you can begin making preparations for your next step in making your dream a reality.

We believe that the best times of your life are spent at home. And we believe it is a privilege to walk through this process with you to help you achieve your tiny home dreams. Making our client’s dreams come true is why we are in this business.




Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Fill out the form below and schedule an initial design meeting with Cornerstone Tiny Homes.