Is financing available? 

Yes, financing is available for our tiny houses on wheels. Please visit our financing page to apply!

Where can I park my tiny home? 

Many RV Parks not only allow tiny homes but welcome them. You can also park them on your own property in many jurisdictions. Check with your county zoning departments.

Can I park on my own lot? 

It depends on the lot location. In many cases the answer is, yes. Check with your local zoning department.

How much do they cost? 

Our basic pricing of our models is listed on our website. Cornerstone offers custom tiny homes to fit your needs and lifestyle. Pricing depends mostly on your needs but you will find us to be very reasonably priced.


Since our units are all custom built, we will accommodate any type of hookups that you require.

What is the maximum height of a tiny house? 

13′-6″ is maximum height unless we permit the delivery. Most DOT regulations will allow 16′-0″ under special permit. **Height is measured from the peak of the roof to the ground.

What is the square footage? 

That is up to you. We currently build up to 400 square feet, but we plan to be able to build larger in the near future.

How much do they weigh?

Once again, that is up to you. Adding granite counter tops and tile can greatly affect the weight of a tiny home. A typical 28′ unit that we build weights in around 15-16,000 pounds.

What’s included in the shell pricing? 

There is no “typical” shell. Some of our customers want just framing, some want electrical and plumbing rough in, some want siding, some don’t. We will build to whatever finish level you want. The best way to find out is to set up a design meeting and we will customize a package that will suit your needs.

What’s included in the finished pricing? 

Everything that you would find in a typical home is provided in our finished packages. We like to say, “Just bring your toothbrush.” Unlike many other tiny home builders, we include heating and air conditioning in our finished pricing.

How do I schedule a tour?

Call our office or send us a message, and we will arrange a personal tour.