High-Quality Tiny Homes on
Foundations Starting from $99,000*

As the tiny home movement has grown, more people have increasingly become interested in small footprint foundation homes. Our modular homes on foundations provide permanency, just like a larger traditional home. In fact, at Cornerstone, our high-quality small footprint foundation homes are Florida Building Code Compliant and provide safe, comfortable living spaces even during Florida storm season.

Our foundation tiny homes may be small in size, but they offer maximum efficiency, space utilization, and comfort. In order to purchase a tiny home from Cornerstone, you’ll need to own a residential lot with zoning that allows a small home. Our team at Cornerstone can advise how to approach your zoning department for answers on what is permitted on your lot. We take pride in offering our customers the opportunity to own their own home, especially during a housing market where the price of home ownership is going up and rental rates are higher than ever before.

*Starting cost is for the home only, not including taxes and transport. Lot purchase cost is not included unless otherwise stated. Final price will vary depending upon exterior/interior finishes, fixtures and appliance selections.

Before purchasing a home from Cornerstone, you need to own property and confirm that your lot is approved for a small home. Click here for a list of questions to ask your zoning department.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your home goals, review our floor plans and select your personal selections for design. Once your sales agreement and financing is completed, a build and delivery schedule will be provided.

Cornerstone Tiny Homes are built in an indoor manufacturing facility in Florida using the highest levels of home building craftsmanship. We fulfill your new home vision to the smallest detail.

A crane is used to deliver and place the foundation home on your lot. We affix the modular home to the foundations in accordance with Florida Building Codes. Once all the utilities are connected, you’ll be ready to move in!

tiny home interior design

Our Small Footprint Foundation Homes Are Florida Building Code Compliant

Building Standards:

  • 2020 Florida Building Code, Residential Compliant Designs
  • 2020 International Residential Code Compliant Designs
  • Designed by Florida registered Professional Engineer (PE#70921)
  • Built by Certified Building Contractor (CBC 1255395)
  • Built within a State of Florida Approved Modular Manufacturing Facility (MFT 11224) 
  • State of Florida Approved Designs by certified third party plans reviewers
  • State of Florida Inspected during fabrication by certified third party building inspectors
  • Eased zoning restrictions, can be placed in most typical neighborhoods, not RV parks
  • Perfect for narrow and profoundly narrow lot configurations
  • Designed for hurricane prone coastal regions and the elevated Wind-Borne Debris criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Florida Building Code compliant foundation homes are permanently attached to the lot, so yes, you need to own the property itself. Some customers use their Cornerstone home as the primary residence, while others purchase it as an ADU in-law suite or backyard villa.

Our wheeled units are licensed and titled RV travel trailers; these types can be parked in an RV park where you likely will pay a monthly lot rent.

In Florida, most properties will only allow a foundation-based home, either in a backyard or as a main dwelling. Typically, the zoning department that has jurisdiction over your lot will have all the answers. Talk with them about your plans and ask if there is a minimum square footage requirement.

All our homes are built as they are sold so that you can personalize the home with your design selections. We do not keep an inventory of pre-built homes.

All of our homes are built in our facility just north of Orlando in Longwood, FL.

Yes. The foundation homes are permanently attached to the property and become part of the real estate improvements. A wheeled unit is licensed and tagged as an RV travel trailer, so it could be sold and towed to any location.

Yes, you can get typical homeowners insurance for the foundation homes. Since they are Florida Building Code compliant, there is usually no distinction between a typical site-built home and a modular home. Wheeled units are insured as RV travel trailers.

Yes, we can recommend a lender that can qualify you for a construction to permanent mortgage loan for a foundation home. If you are considering a wheeled unit, we work with a bank that provides construction loans for RVs, as well.

Small Footprint Foundation Floor Plans

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice. Property cost, impact fees, utility connection fees and taxes are not included in the starting prices. The floor plans shown are for foundation homes and are just an example of what can be done in the unit.

NEW! - The Bradford

28’ x 43’  |  1,051 SF
3 Bedroom  |  2 Bath
Starting Price: $192,000 plus tax & transport

Introducing our brand-new Bradford floor plan with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. With over 1,000 square feet, this home is designed for those who still need an affordable option but need more space. Whether you’re in need of an extra bedroom, a work-from-home office space, or simply crave the comfort of a larger home, The Bradford is here to fulfill your dreams!

NEW! - The Abby

38’ x 28’/33′  |  1,036 SF
3 Bedroom | 2 Bath
Starting Price: $192,000 plus tax & transport

Our brand-new Abby floor plan features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. With over 1,000 square feet, you can enjoy a spacious kitchen and adjacent living room with a fairly open living space design. Whether you’re in need of an extra bedroom, a work-from-home office space, or simply crave the comfort of a larger home, The Abby might be just what you’re looking for!

NEW! - The Bowie

14’ x 31’ | 434 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $134,000 plus tax & transport

The Bowie floor plan is a great option for homebuyers who value living room space. The galley kitchen sits adjacent to a 15′ x 13′ living and dining area with windows on both sides of the home to let in lots of natural light. We offer two bathroom configurations in The Bowie, depending on your need for more storage.

The Denali

12’ x 30’ | 360 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $99,000 plus tax & transport

Cozy, welcoming and beautiful, the Denali is one of our most requested floor plans. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out in this 360-square-foot, small footprint house. There is room in the kitchen for a dishwasher or a combination washer/dryer unit. The eat-at-counter is a great space-saver that can accommodate 3-4 guests. The bathroom includes a full-size bathtub, unless you’d rather customize the room for a roll-in shower or stall shower, depending on your needs. The entry door can be set on the short wall or the long wall depending on your lot size.

The Denali XL

12’ x 36’ | 432 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $109,000 plus tax & transport

The Denali XL is an extended version of Cornerstone’s most popular floorplan. It provides a little extra breathing room for those of us who need just a little more space.

The Kearney

12’ x 30’ | 360 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $99,000 plus tax & transport

This 360-square foot small footprint house is known for providing plenty of living space in both the kitchen and living room. You’ll definitely want to have get-togethers in the Kearney. With a dishwasher and stackable washer/dryer, you won’t need to make any sacrifices by living tiny. The Kearney is built to Florida Building Code, featuring a spacious 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom layout. The cozy bathroom comes with a 36″x36″ shower, allowing for all the extra living space. The Kearney is the perfect choice for narrow lots.

The Bennett

14’ x 36’ | 504 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $136,000 plus tax & transport

The Bennett is one of our wider footprint homes. The width allows for a large amount of space in the living area than other floor plans. At 504 square feet, this unit will conform to many lots that have a minimum square foot requirement of 500 square feet.

The Janie

14’ x 36’ | 504 SF | 2 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $136,000 plus tax & transpor

The Janie was our first 14′ wide unit. It features all the amenities of all our models, with a wider footprint making the home much more spacious. These wider homes are more accommodating to king-size beds and larger furniture options. The Janie model also conforms to lots with a minimum square foot requirement of over 500 square feet.

The Pratt

12’ x 36’ | 432 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $109,000 plus tax & transport

A perfect setup for a single individual who prefers more open space throughout the entire home. The Pratt has a kitchen, living room and bedroom all consolidated into one large single area where the bedroom is separated from the living room with only an entertainment divider.

The Squire

12’ x 36’ | 432 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $109,000 plus tax & transport

If you’re in need of more closet space, take a peek at the floorplan for the Squire. This 432-square-foot foundation home has many cozy features and, with an extra closet in the living room, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can bring along your entire shoe collection.

The Palisade

12’ x 36’ | 432 SF | 2 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $109,000 plus tax & transport

The Palisade is more than just a charming home! An extra multi-purpose room could transform this house into a home office, yoga studio or just a great spot for extra storage. The Palisade is built to Florida Building Code and it has every amenity to make you feel right at home. This home has two bedrooms, living room and a bathroom that includes a 48 inch shower. The Palisade raises the bar in tiny home living.

The Fairweather

12’ x 30’ | 360 SF | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath
Starting Price: $96,000 plus tax & transport

Life is more than fair when choosing to live in the Fairweather home. This house is a 360-square foot small footprint home, built to Florida Building Code, featuring a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom layout. The bathroom features a full-size bathtub, however, it can accommodate a roll-in shower or smaller 36″x 36″ shower instead, depending on your needs. There is space in the large kitchen for a dishwasher or combination washer/dryer unit. The 2-person eat-at-counter is a great space-saving option. This tiny home feels anything but tiny.

"Dog-Trot" Foundation Homes

A popular choice that some customers ask for when they have a larger lot is what we call a “dog-trot” style home, which is actually two of our foundation homes connected with a breezeway covered patio. The layout is typically in an L configuration. Extra square footage, extra comfort!