In-Law Suite / Backyard Villa

From In-Law Suites to College Crash Pads, Our Backyard Villas
Make Ideal Guest Houses

A Backyard Villa or “In-Law Suite” is a type of Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) that can be used for many purposes. Among the most popular are creating detached residences for family members during temporary stays or extended use. With a Cornerstone Tiny Home, your visiting relatives and friends can enjoy privacy, comfort, and the unique experience of tiny home living in a separate space all of their own.

Backyard Villas and In-Law Suites are also ideal for providing more permanent dwellings for aging parents, adult children living at home, or nannies. Others may wish to use them for short- or long-term rental property investments, or home offices and hobby lobbies. One thing you can be certain of is that the quality of our design, construction, and attention to detail will always be of the highest caliber to fulfill your tiny home needs.

Bring Family Closer Together with a Cornerstone In-Law Suite or Backyard Villa