Our first code compliant tiny house was delivered to a lot in Oviedo, Florida, on October 5, 2017. This house is being donated to a deserving veteran. Thank you to all those who have helped make this possible!

A Sneak Peek of Our Code Compliant House
A Walk-through Tour
Delivery to Oviedo

Veteran Build with Zack Giffin – February 3, 2017

Truly the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my career. We worked all weekend and Monday building a home for a deserving combat wounded, disabled veteran. We will finish this house for Pete and his service dog Brucie in the next few weeks but we got a jump start this weekend from a bunch of heroes.

We had a wild man, Vietnam vet with one arm that evidently can hit the cover off of a golf ball, a vet that works a night job and hadn’t slept since 12 AM Saturday but hung in until 7:00 last night. We welcomed a competitor that was a veteran that busted his ass all three days, how about the dude that drove by himself from PA to work all three days just to drive back home. Tank girl put her head down and worked steadily the whole time. Too many to mention. There was a very quiet vet that smiled the whole time while working that I finally had a chance to have a conversation with right at the end and heard a story of complete sacrifice that I will take to my grave.

Five minutes later Zack Giffin was saying his thank yous and unexpectedly turned and thanked me and our company and these guys applauded and thanked me. I was overwhelmed that THESE guys were thanking ME, Kim and our company. As the son of a combat wounded veteran, I turned into a sobbing mess. Thanks to a very dedicated cameraman you’ll all be able to see it soon. I’m so proud of our guys in the shop for helping, teaching, being patient, keeping everyone safe and for being there. Gabrielle Rapport is a total rockstar organizing this for her charity #operationtinyhome and her poor husband Sebastian who was so sick he had to stay in a hotel room wishing he could’ve been here.

Tom Underdown, my new friend, deserves huge props with his #fairwaysforwarriors and he and I will work tirelessly to find a suitable lot for Pete to live on. Zack Giffin from #tinyhousenation is the real deal working, teaching and organizing the event. Bill and Elizabeth from Milwaukee Tool sacrificed their vacation time to be here, awesome people! From Kim and I, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let’s do it again! THANK A VETERAN!

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A Sneak Peek – February 23, 2017

A Walk-through Tour – May 2, 2017

Delivery to Oviedo – October, 5 2017


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