Our Newest Build, A Custom Fontana

A one of a kind 28 foot “Fontana” model. 425



This home features cypress siding, a back lit drink bar, granite countertops, 2 lofts, one with floating stairs, lots of tile, a sunk-in bed, tons of storage and a walk-thru shower. This one is parked in a great location with views from almost every window of the St. Johns River.




The main loft features a sunk-in queen bed with floor storage, a skylight and two huge windows.


We needed 2 lofts with 2 stairs. This loft will accommodate a full size bed.


A view into the kitchen with the floating stairs to the loft and huge pantry storage.


Large kitchen with granite countertops and a great sized refrigerator


Four burner vented stove in front of a tile backsplash.


Under mount sink and plenty of cabinets.


We had to include a backlit wine rack




The bathroom features what we believe to be the first walk-thru shower in a tiny home.


Tile mosaic walk-thru shower


Sink niche with storage


More storage in the water closet area




Washer/Dryer Combo


We included a flip-up workspace that can also be an eating area


Couch with storage, a cushion and pillows will be added later


Stairs to the loft with storage

49 thoughts on “Our Newest Build, A Custom Fontana”

  1. I like this model. Would want more reclaim / recycled materials, but its pretty nice. What timeline do you need to build this guy? Would like to chat some more about this.

    1. We can customize one for you Ryan with almost any material you would like. We can build them in 6-8 weeks depending on trailer lead times. Call us anytime.

  2. Wonderful layout, design and workmanship. Will definitely keep you on my short list. Will you work with me on my own design ideas?


  3. I’ve been looking at tiny home plans for some time now. All the manufacturers seemed to be out west. I just discovered your company right here in the east. I’m in Florida. I’m so glad I found you! I absolutely love the 28′ Fontana!! My wife and I lived in a park model (380 sq ft) and loved it. I’m ready to try something even smaller! Now….to convince her!!

    1. Thanks Renee! We have financing available. We are working with several RV parks for parking and we are very excited to be working on a tiny home village that we should be announcing soon. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page.

  4. Have spoken to you before Brett. Plan to be in touch before a visit to Florida in April. The Fontana is the model I’m interested in. These upgrades are phenomenal! Would love to find out if it’s
    within my target price for a build. Love the bathroom and stairs especially. Of all the builders I’ve checked out I’m still the most wowed by your builds. Can’t wait to visit.

    1. We remember you Diane, thanks for the nice comments! Our Fontana is so popular that we may rename our business to Fontana, LOL. Can’t wait to get back in contact with you, see you in April!

  5. Hello Brett !! Just love tiny homes . hope to come in and see you all soon. I’m right here I Longwood Fl, very close ! I know there is a workshop also coming to Orlando this coming March 2016! I have so many ideas .I’m getting a bit of this and that. Looking forward to coming in

    1. Hey Barbara, all we ask is that you give us a call before coming in and we can usually set an appointment for a private tour of our facility. We are working on a workshop sometime around March. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. Thanks for your input!

    1. Hey Tim, We are located in Longwood Florida just outside of Orlando. We used to give tours at 2:00 on Fridays. We currently are not giving tours. The tiny home business slows down over the holidays so we basically have nothing to tour right now. We have several trailers on order and we plan on starting up our tours again probably at the end of January or early February. Keep watching our website and Facebook page for more information. If you are in the area by all means give us a call we’ll try to accommodate your schedule for a private tour.

    1. The width on this was 8′-6″ and it was built in our facility in Longwood Florida. Thanks for your interest and keep watching, we have some great new models coming up this new year.

    1. What an absolutely beautiful model – I love it! The loft head room looks quite spacious – what is the heigth in the lofts?

  6. Would there be room for a lower level sleeping area in this model? My husband and I have a one-year-old, and would need to have him downstairs.
    PS. Beautiful work! The best I’ve seen in all my research!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! We can definitely design a home with a downstairs bedroom. We have one on our website called The Walden. We can redesign that one to fit your needs or start fresh on a new design. Call us to make an appointment, we can do it in person or video call so you can watch and direct the design yourself.

  7. Beautiful work Brett. I’m not a big lover of RV’s but I’m fast becoming one because of you.:-).

    I’d like to know if you can put a regular toilet in one? If so, are there pros and cons in going that route?

    Also, how low can the loft ceiling be? I’m thinking of using the loft space as the entertainment center and want to minimize the crawling around.


    1. Thanks Yolanda!

      Yes you can put a regular toilet in a tiny house. In fact, most people that we work with use a regular toilet. As far as pros and cons there really aren’t any. What really matters is if you have access to septic or sewer where you want to move it.

      We have designed a new unit that utilizes the loft area as a stand up family room and it is 3rd in line to be built right now. Keep watching our Facebook page and website for pictures and plans.

  8. Brett, how safe are this tiny house if a hurricane arrive or very strong winds? i live in Palm Beach Gardens and i am planning to put my tiny house in a big lot that my daughter has that is over one acre of land .

    1. We get this question often. I would expect one of our homes to perform as well as a traditionally built house from the trailer up. The connection from the trailer to the ground is the key component. There are mobile home tie downs that have a 13,000 lb uplift capacity, using several of those PROPERLY could provide a very stable environment. We don’t advocate anyone riding out a hurricane in a tiny home by any means. You just can’t design against Mother Nature. You just do the best you can do and we constantly strive to create the best product on the market. Our goal is to insure that after the storm our homes will remain standing.

  9. Are you going to be working with Rockledge Tiny House Community? They just had zoning passed to move forward with a tiny house community – there are 15 lots!!

    1. We were at 3 of the Rockledge council meetings as support only. I wish I could say that we had a part in all the work that went into getting to that point. Rene Hardee is totally responsible for getting the tiny home zoning changes and we applaud her efforts. We are proud to say that Rene is one of our friends. We look forward to providing THOWs to the Rockledge community.

  10. I’m very interested in your Fontana 28′ model. I’m in the military and will hopefully be in the states sometime in 2017. Me and my wife are looking into purchasing a tiny home since we travel around so much for my job. What kind of truck would I need to pull this bad boy cross country?

    1. First of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! This would depend a lot on what kind of finishes you use in the house. Granite, tile and other items can make a big difference in weight. But to answer your question, you’d want to get a one ton, possibly a dually. Under sizing the truck will cost more than getting the proper truck in the beginning.

  11. Brett,
    What is the actual square footage of the Fontana.
    And what is the total weight?
    I got my wife from 4500 sq ft to 1200. Now trying to get her to 300-400.
    She says she can’t be that close to me all day long.
    If a buy one, will you throw in a bicycle and a fishing pole?

  12. I know someone else asked about reclaimed wood (or other reclaimed materials), but I was wondering if you have a source for any reclaimed wood or materials or does the owner need to source that themselves?

    1. We do not have a source for reclaimed wood. The reason why is that although we certainly support using it, it would cost us more to use it than to use an exotic wood like teak or ipe for a wall. We have to consider the labor to pull the nails, plane the wood to even sizes then sand. After all that most our customers decline the additional cost. We do have a great source for “sinkers” or wood recovered from the St Johns River after hundreds of years of submersion. This wood is usually cypress or pine and is gorgeous and comes in very wide widths that aren’t available now. Check out http://www.heartpine.com

  13. How would this type of home work in the northeast winters? Is it insulated? How would you keep the water system from freezing? What is the type of toilet?

    1. We can absolutely make our homes to survive Northeast winters. Our homes are spray foamed so they are built like big coolers and hold heat and cool very well. We’ll put whatever type of toilet in that you like.

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