Our Newest Model, A 32′ Gooseneck. Introducing THE WESTBURY


This beauty features exotic granite countertops, a 5′-0″ walk in tile shower, stacking washer and dryer, high end stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, a 6′-4″ tall “stand up” lofted living room, LED lighting, mini-split heating and cooling, tons of storage, engineered wood flooring that matches a stained tongue and groove ceiling, tile backsplash and much more. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this unit soon………. IMG_2897 IMG_2878 IMG_2876 IMG_2894 IMG_2875 IMG_2868 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2874 IMG_2866 IMG_2865 IMG_2839 IMG_2865 IMG_2904 IMG_2871 IMG_2868 IMG_2866 IMG_2845 IMG_2844 IMG_2841


55 thoughts on “Our Newest Model, A 32′ Gooseneck. Introducing THE WESTBURY”

  1. This is the most beautifully finished and laid out tiny home I’ve ever seen. What is the sale price for one similar?

    1. Thank you for your kind words! This one has just about everything upgraded as possible. As is the price would be in the low $70’s. We would be happy to price one for you.

        1. This one rolled out at $73K. It had many upgrades, thise was all custom and this is a new model for us, I would guess the base price to be $63 – $65K

    2. I have looked at many models but this one is my absolute favorite and I will be in contact with a representative to talk to her or him about possibly having one built for me. Thank you for sharibg this gorgeous model. It would be perfect for my puppy and I.

  2. I am glad someone finally put an area to sit and watch tv. They all make big kitchens and then put a chair in living space!!

  3. Hi Cornerstone – this is beautiful, and all my favorite colors! I may be relocating from NC to Orlando next year, and am exploring tiny living. I’m renting a tiny home at Orlando Lakefront soon to check it out. When do you do tours so I can see this model? I am willing to fly to Orlando to check it out based on your schedule. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. This model will be leaving for it’s home in Charleston SC next week. We have many homes in our shop in various stages of completion. We do tours on the first Friday of each month at 2:00. We also do private tours to help accommodate people coming in from out of town. Give us a call.

  4. Beautiful layout, would a 6’2″ male fit in the kitchen and living room?
    Is there a shell available of this layout?

  5. I have been following the Tiny House movement for a long time and watch everything I can find on TV about the movement. This is by far the best Tiny House I have seen. I want to commend you on the care you took in the design and the arrangement of the items in the Tiny House. The living room area is a real winner in my eyes.

  6. Good day,

    Beautiful design! Could you by chance tell me any specifics on the dimensions, specifically the “entertainment loft” and total length and width of the unit?

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Thank you! The loft was approx. 8′ x 8′ and the length was 32′ with the bath sink bumpout would make it 34′. The width was 8′-6″. Can we build you one?

  7. I, also have been very interested in Tiny Houses and did tour one company. I agree with previous comments.. This one is a beauty!! OH MY!!!! I do need a place to sit, and more than just one little chair. The fact that the loft is this tall is awesome. And yes, the colors are fantastic! The storage in the stairs is done really well. I see you are a company I need to tour 🙂 Thank you for showing a beautiful home that also functions properly.

  8. I have been looking for a builder for quite a while and just found one! This is truly the most beautiful TH I have ever seen! It looks wider than 8’6″. I live in the Boston, MA area, where places to park are impossible to find right now, but am ready to have my TH built as soon as I find one. Would you be able to deliver here? Please say yes! If so, I will first check out your website, then should give you a call. I would love to see all your models!

    1. Thanks Peg! This unit is 8′-6″ wide and YES, we can arrange delivery to Boston. This house went to PA for filming and back without a single drywall crack or grout crack. We’ve delivered 3 to NY state, what’s another few miles? Give us a call and we’ll customize one for you.

  9. I’m in LOVE! This is incredibly beautiful. I have been searching for our future tiny home for years, excited to see such a quality built tiny home in our state. Will you be at the Florida Tiny House Festival in November?

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I spoke to John the organizer of the Florida festival just yesterday and we are going to try. We’re too busy right now to commit and also not sure if we’ll have a home to show there. Our builds usually go out the door as soon as we’re finished. You are always welcome to set an appointment to visit our shop, there are usually at least 6 homes to view in various stages of construction.

  10. This is an absolute beauty how much would it cost to have one delivered to oregon? It’s all beautiful but that sink is to die for. So excited to see more.

    1. Thanks Arleen. We don’t deliver but we can set you up with someone who does. We have 3 insured, professional companies that we recommend for delivery. We decided early on that we really couldn’t add any value to a delivery and all we could add would be cost. I’d be happy to provide you with the names of our guys or you could check uship.com https://www.uship.com/

      Several of our customers have had good luck with that website. I’m sure your dollar per mile charge would be negotiable for that long of a haul. I know it’s feasible because we have customers in California, Texas and other parts west. We’d love to have one of our units in Oregon, give us a call.

  11. Beautifully done. Love the layout and all the storage. You’ve included every necessity and many luxuries! This one’s on my list of faves!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Allison. This home will be featured on an hour long premiere of a new show on FYI October 1st. We can’t say any more on this until the network announces it but stay tuned!

  12. Wow! Take my money now! This is by far the best tiny home I have ever seen! The use of space, the layout and everything makes this home practical to live in. How long does it take to build something similar to this design?

  13. Great layout,stairs and lofts tall enough to stand up. Can same layout be done on a shorter trailer? Say a 20 or 24 foot?

    1. We’ve done similar designs on a 28′ unit and it works out great. A 24′ would probably work also but not a 20′. Give us a call and we can design one for you. Also, this unit will be featured on FYI at 9:00 on Saturday Oct 1st in an hour long show “Big Family Tiny Challenge”

    1. Our show was supposed to be the pilot episode of a new series for FYI called “Tiniest House On The Block” but the series never got picked up by the network so they rolled it into a special “Tiny House Nation” episode. That is why there isn’t much footage from our shop during the build. It was more of a social experiment. It is re-airing this Sunday and Monday from what I heard. Also, cool story, the family of five that was filmed for our episode decided to go tiny after their experience.

  14. No ladders, ability to stand up, and an actual lounging area that doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in the kitchen? Truly excellent! It almost looks like you could stick a chest of drawers in the alcove in the “bedroom” or even convert that space to another closet or built-in. A few cubby doors and drawers on the main level would make it even more sleek.

  15. The fit and finish is exceptional! How tall is the outside? I was doing the math, if you have a 6′-4″ ceiling height upstairs and 6′-4″ ceiling height downstairs that does not leave much in terms of ground clearance for the trailer.

    1. Yes, we do foundation builds. It most likely won’t be cost effective for you to have us build a foundation home in Fl and deliver to PA. As much as I hate turning down business, I would rather be honest. My advice is to contact local contractors in your area first, then come to us if you can’t find someone. Good luck on your project and let us know if we can help.

  16. This is the BEST most GORGEOUS tiny home I have seen in the past year!!!

    I may be moving from TN to IN and this would suit me PERFECTLY!!

  17. This is one of the prettiest tiny homes I’ve ever seen. I’m interested but live in TX. Can u send info?

    Tell me more about closet space

    1. Thanks Karen for the compliment! Our best info on our homes is on our website. We have printed literature but the best thing to do is check out our website or give us a call at 407-413-9660.

  18. I Love this Brett! I love all the work you folks do! Just saw one of your THOWS while checking out the Outpost in Winter Haven! See you at St.Augustines!

  19. I’ve been following Tiny Houses this is the first one to wow me, no ladders and a living area
    Fantastic the problem I have I live in Wales England come on guys we need you here

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