Our Tiny House Community in Central Florida

Building has already begun on our Central Florida Tiny House Community.

Limited lots available.

Call now to reserve a spot for your new custom home.

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20 thoughts on “Our Tiny House Community in Central Florida”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if this community will allow your dog trot style homes? I’m really loving that style and would also like to get some pricing, if available.

    1. We hadn’t planned on putting our Dog Trot models in this community. We possibly could but the lots we have won’t fit a Dog Trot home unless you purchased two lots. If that would fit into your budget then the answer would be yes. Give us a call Carolee and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  2. Do you know of a site where I could put one of your Tiny Homes near Bradenton, Florida?
    or have any idea as to who I might contact?

    1. Our code compliant homes are designed to go anywhere a normal residential home would go. The only thing that would hold you back would be if there is a homeowner’s association that wouldn’t allow it or it doesn’t meet the minimum square footage required by your city or county. I think you are fine in Bradenton because Sarasota County has no minimum square footage requirement. Find your lot, talk to the zoning department. Give us a call and we’ll guide you through.

    1. Yes Crystal you do. We just run the software and make suggestions. Our design meetings can run between 1-4 hours to ensure that we build the home of your dreams.

  3. Are you currently using materials that meet any of the standard or guidelines for “hurricane resistant” homes? Thank you!!!

  4. Do you have any home plans that make this home compliant to use VA home loans? ( They require a foundation.) Any way to make the home “convertible” from faondation to wheeled?

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