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Trusted. Qualified. Proven.

Cornerstone Tiny Homes is RVIA certified. The RVIA certification has become the industry standard in trusted Tiny Home RV construction. You can rest assured that a Cornerstone Tiny Home RV is built to the highest of standards by a qualified and proven builder.

In order for tiny home builders to be RVIA certified, they must submit to a rigorous inspection process. An RVIA sticker ensures that your tiny house on wheels is up to recreational vehicle building codes and is safe for habitation. RVIA certification also helps the owner of a Cornerstone Tiny Home RV to overcome some of the key obstacles to living tiny.


Q: What is RVIA?

A: The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is the national trade association representing recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturers. RVIA provides their members with a trusted certification, after a rigorous inspection process.

Q: “RVI- what? Tiny houses are not RVs, right?”

A: A THOW (Tiny House On Wheels) may not appear to be an RV, but RVIA considers it a recreational vehicle travel trailer.

Q: Why did Cornerstone want to be RVIA certified?

A: Before we jumped feet first into all things tiny, we were a respected home builder of “regular” houses in central Florida. We bring our 30+ years of “big builder” experience to our tiny homes. Cornerstone wants the growing tiny house industry to be held to strict building standards by a regulating body. We’re thrilled that RVIA has stepped up to include Tiny Home RVs and that the process to receive an RVIA certification is demanding. The Association ensures that THOW builders are adhering to strict building codes, regulations and standards.

Q: Is an RVIA certification necessary for a tiny house?

A: We think so, as do most professional tiny house builders in the industry. RVIA requires its members to be up to industry standards for plumbing, electrical systems, heating, and fire and life safety. Cornerstone Tiny Homes is open to frequent, random inspections to ensure that we are in compliance with the over 500 codes required to maintain our certification. Odds are that while your tiny house is being built in or manufacturing facility, your Tiny Home RV will likely be inspected by an RVIA official.

Q: What are the benefits of RVIA certification?

A: As an RVIA certified builder, Cornerstone can help you overcome some of the key obstacles that prevent folks from making their big dream of going tiny a reality.

RVIA benefits:

  • Assurance that your home is up to regulatory codes, including fire and life safety
  • Confidence that your home will withstand the rigors of travel and weather
  • Increased options to secure financing from a qualified lender
  • Better choices in finding the right insurance policy for your Tiny Home RV
  • More solutions in finding places to park your THOW
  • Raised rental and/or resale value


Cornerstone Tiny Homes is proud to distinguish ourselves with this prestigious certification. RVIA allows us to offer our clients the serenity to enjoy their new tiny lifestyle secure in the knowledge that their home is safe.

Living tiny is all about freedom. There’s nothing more freeing than peace of mind.


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