6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Our Code Compliant Tiny House”

    1. Sorry Chris, this is a new product and we just rolled it out in the past couple of weeks. I thought we had pricing on this posted but I was mistaken. The pricing starts at $70,000 for the Denali without delivery. We haven’t priced up all the models yet and won’t do so until we actually get further in the design stage with them. We can’t give installed pricing on these because location greatly affects delivered pricing. These homes will be available with mortgages and we have had several developers from across the state that are currently creating neighborhoods for these homes. We are selling these as an “on your lot” product currently until we get actual developments and neighborhoods started. The great part about these homes is that they will fit on previously “unbuildable” lots that are available at greatly reduced prices due to their size all over the state. These homes will also work on rural property without the zoning problems that a tiny home on wheels creates. They will qualify for “affordable housing” which opens up favorable financing as well. Call us for more details. Sorry again for the confusion.

  1. Hello,

    The new foundation models look great! It’s exciting to see Florida code-compliant tiny houses. Thank you for working with state officials to get more housing options off the ground. Do you have an idea yet of what pricing will be for the Lincoln model? It has such a cool design!

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