The entire team (Jared, Dan, Ryan, and Carla) were extremely professional and excited to be building my customized dream tiny home for me. The creativity, craftsmanship, and dedication to their art was exciting to get to be a part of. – Andy Bretz





Our experience with going tiny began by watching a LOT of TV shows on the subject! We then began talking about how this would work for us…and we examined what we were willing to give up and what we were thought we might gain. Here is what we decided: living in a 2200 square foot home with a pool and a LOT of land, we spent all our free time on maintenance and we had no time for recreation. We cleaned our pool more than we swam in it!


We attended the Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine in November 2016, and that is where we met the Cornerstone folks. We instantly like them and felt we could work with them. At home we were giving things away, and finding out our kids really didn’t want anything we had!

We set up an appointment in January to visit the Cornerstone build site and meet with the design team. It went great, and we committed to begin the process. It took us some time to gather the cash we needed- but that also gave us more time to narrow our belonging down to our “must-haves”.

We moved into the Tiny House in July of 2017, and we had to move it to a campground because Volusia County is currently not “tiny friendly”. In February we finally found property with a main structure on it that would accommodate our Tiny- whew!

Hanging clothes are a problem…my main challenge as we still have professional jobs full-time. Retirement in the tiny will be easier, I believe. We do not regret our decision…though people are still amazed and do make really silly, and sometimes mildly insulting, comments. You have to be prepared for little inconveniences and peoples’ reactions. My advice: USE YOUR OUTSIDE SPACE! Make sure you have a table and chairs and a grill and add the outdoor shower! Having friends over is definitely important to us, and so we couldn’t live tiny without continuing that part of our lives.

Good luck in your journey!



Marek and Kotney-issa



This process was extremely smooth! Brett & Kim walked us through every step and helped us brainstorm how to create the perfect home for us! Their input was very insightful while still giving us the freedom to design the home to our liking. The entire team was AMAZING! 

We were looking for the best way to own, while still having the freedom of mobility as career advancements happen. We wanted to go with something that would hold it’s value and/or have high interest and demand to be rented when we’re done living in here.

We didn’t feel like there was much adapting to be done. Our focus during the design process was to implement everything we already have and do into the house…just on a smaller scale. We figured the less routines we had to change, the smoother the transition would be. That idea has proven to be true for us!

InstagramRead more about Marek & Kothney-issa’s Tiny House Life on their Instagram Page!







The house that we created together is the Westbury model that has been featured in the shop and on the website lately. I have not meet a builder in the Florida / Southern Ga area that I would use over Brett, Kim and team (and I didn’t search outside of that radius).

Lived-In-Tiny-House-THow-Economic-Hippie-27-600x799From our initial meetings on design (where I brought my notebook and Pinterest account of must haves, wants, and definitely do not want in my home), they were amazing. Brett helped me understand the implications of some of the preconceived notions I had and helped me steer design decisions to more efficient use of space, while always insisting we can do it the way I want, but be aware of the missed opportunities.

Through the building process, and being kind and gracious hosts as appliances were delayed repeatedly, they were supportive and took stress away from me.

And to helping me overcome zoning issues when I found out (during the building process that I was moving away from Orlando), they were there to speak the building language to the out of state zoning officials.

The entire team were extremely professional and excited to be building my customized dream tiny home for me. The creativity, craftsmanship, and dedication to their art was exciting to get to be a part of.

Their expertise in regulations and RVIA certification is invaluable and adds another layer to building that is so much more than can you wire or plumb it yourself (which I can not express how important it is to have unless you have your own land and do not intend to move your THoW). Just as an example I asked about placing the door on the other side and while Brett insisted multiple times we could, he let me know that I may not be able to take it to an RV/mobile home park if we made that adjustment and while I had no intention of using an RV/Mobile home park that is where I am now.

This has been one of the best experiences of a large purchase in my life. I can not recommend them enough.




We thoroughly enjoyed our design process with Cornerstone. We had initially approached another builder, who was not so willing to accommodate our design ideas. We were being pushed in to another unit, that had been built for someone else, and still paying what we felt to be a premium price.

Our first meeting with Brett and Kim assured us that we had been working with the wrong builder. They immediately understood our vision, and were EXCITED to build our custom home.

We loved the opportunity to choose each component that went in to our home. Even though we were building a tiny house, we were able to select even the most minor of details (I love my kitchen cabinet hardware!). Most importantly to us, they were happy to build us a tiny home with a “reverse loft”. Having lived on a sail boat, we were confident that crawling in to bed would be preferable to ducking in to our living room.

In addition to the sail boat, we have owned and lived in 2 RVs. We have also given the “traditional” route a go, purchasing a house. We quickly knew this was not right for us, and became fascinated with the tiny house movement.

The tiny life is right for us. As much as we loved our home, there was so much wasted space! Plus, we were ready for a location change.

We have settled in the Savannah, GA area, and are excited about our new future in our Tiny home.

Our home has quickly gained notoriety locally. People constantly pull in to take pictures, and we have given a few tours. I think we need a Cornerstone plaque?  Whenever we tell people we live in a tiny house, they say “the grey and blue one?!”.

Thank you Cornerstone!




Warrior Transport

I’ve been transporting tiny homes for cornerstone for some time now. I’ve moved about 20 so far ranging from 20 ft to 32ft. The quality that leaves that shop is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure of transporting. The materials they use are above industry standard. The time and attention to detail surpasses their competitors. The trailers they use are custom built for the model and design they are building unlike some manufacturers who use stock utility trailers. They take the time to design a house they would be proud to have leave the shop and know their clients will be 100% satisfied. I get the pleasure of seeing their response when they take their first look at their vision come to life. You’re in great hands.