Tiny Home Design Ideas

You can be involved in the design of your Tiny Home from the very start. We can include you in the design process so that your Tiny Home is exactly what you envisioned.

Custom Tiny Home Design Ideas

A Client and Our Custom Design Team Go Over Your Custom Tiny Home Design Ideas

We conduct a meeting with you – either in person or online – where we go over your plans and your ideas for your tiny home – and we present you with custom tiny home design ideas for your new tiny home.

You brainstorm with us to create the exact plan, layout, and finishing touches that you want.

It’s extremely important to sit down with a tiny home design expert to work out which tiny home design ideas are going to fit with other design elements in your home, and how to make them all work together.

custom tiny home design ideas

A Cornerstone Tiny Home Design Session With a New Client

You can start with one of our shells and build on top of that. Or you can start with one of our existing models and choose it exactly as-is, or you can modify our models to be exactly what you want.

The number of choices in building a tiny home can be overwhelming. The technical requirements behind electrical, ventilation, insulation, and plumbing systems require real expertise to avoid very important safety problems. The methods, materials, and finishes that are available to you are ever-changing. Most people need an expert partner to help guide them through this process to make sure you make the right choices and your tiny home design ideas are the best they can be.

Book a design meeting today to move your plans forward!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Home Design Ideas”

  1. What basic features are offered? What upgrades are available? What style & size offered? Pictures?

    Are the holding tanks external or self-contained which what most RV parks supposedly require?This is based on my bff’s note who has traveled around the country in his RV for years.

    1. The features, upgrades, styles and sizes are all whatever you desire. We really don’t have a “standard” model. Most of the people we have dealt with have sat down with us and helped design their own tiny home.

      Pictures will be posted on our website shortly as it is under construction. Our website went live 3 days ago and pictures, video and other content will be available in the next few days.

      As far as holding tanks go, we have been building for RV parks mostly and haven’t installed a holding tank yet. We have looked into where we would install them and it won’t be a problem to make it self contained as opposed to outside the unit if that is what you desire.

  2. How do i go about getting a tiny house costum made by yall im friends with Haley and i love the one you built for her

    1. Hi Billie!

      We got your “contact Us” email and Brett is going to contact you tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for contacting us.

      We’re all very excited here to get you going!


  3. Hello,
    I’ve really gotten into “tiny house nation” and would really like to design my own custom tiny home, renting out my regular size home… Do you have approximate costs for designing a tiny home and what are the max height/width/length dimensions you would recommend for a mobile tiny home? Seems on THN, the usual budget is around $30K, is this accurate? I’d love to talk with you guys soon!

  4. Brad –

    Thanks for contacting Cornerstone Tiny Homes.

    Help me understand your main question: It says that you want to design your own custom tiny home. If you need help designing we are here for you. If you are looking for a builder we can help you with that as well.

    The maximum dimensions for a tiny home to be pulled without an oversize load permit are 8′-6″ wide by 13′-6″ tall.

    The length is limited to the vehicle that is towing it, generally 40′ long on a gooseneck trailer or 30′ for a bumper hitch.

    A $30K budget is achievable depending upon your size and finishes.

    Keep in mind that anything you see on Tiny Home Nation is not including labor which is free on that show in exchange for putting your home on their show. Having experience in “reality TV building shows” I know that you can receive a discount on materials when you allow the vendor to show their logos on the show.

    So there are a lot of things we can work out. Please call us at (407) 413-9660 and we can answer all of your questions and help you with any design work you may require.

    Cornerstone Tiny Homes

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