Take The Tiny Home Planning Interview

Tiny Home Planning Interview
Tiny Home planning, as part of the process of living intentionally, requires some thought. Our society is not set up with ready-made solutions for you to live tiny just yet, so you need to work out exactly how you are going to do this. And then do it.

Sometimes, not being perfectly clear in your own mind about the large questions can be a source of stagnation, and a “failure to launch”. You just need to know what the large questions are first before you can answer them!

The Tiny Home Planning Interview

This Tiny Home planning interview is a kind of decision-tree that presents you with some of the fundamental issues you need to address to be successful in transitioning into a tiny home lifestyle.

There are lots of great people who are helping out with this process and we want to help, too. So we have created the Tiny Home Planning Interview to help you clarify a few questions from a Tiny Home builder’s perspective.

Your own answers can help you to decide on your own path. Whether you build your own tiny home, or have a builder help you do it, or have a builder do it all, these are still questions you need to ask yourself and answer.

This is version 1.0 of the interview, and we would love your feedback on improvements we can make to it in later versions. Please leave us feedback in the comments below.

“Move confidently in the direction of your dreams…”

You can do this.

7 thoughts on “Take The Tiny Home Planning Interview”

    1. You have excellent taste, those are our two biggest sellers! We don’t deliver but we can set you up with someone who does. They are insured and very good at what they do.

  1. Kat or Brett,

    My wife and I are almost empty nesters and want to “tiny-live” in a Florida Gulf coast location. Are you aware of tiny home communities in St. Petersburg or elsewhere on the Gulf coast? We are interested in the Fontana as well.

    Thanks to both

    1. There is a brand new community that is getting ready to start in the Tampa area. Check out: circlepondtinycommunity.com

      A Fontana would work nicely there. Give us a call when you’re ready.

  2. I’m in Charlotte County and looking to go Tiny ASAP, I want to place it on my own lot or tiny house community. Do you know of any in Charlotte or Sarasota county? Do your homes meet building requirements for private lots?

    1. Tiny Homes On Wheels (THOWs) do not meet county building code requirements. If you wanted a THOW then you would have to find an RV zoned property that would accept the home, typically an RV park. We have a Florida Building Code compliant tiny home that is shop-built and delivered and attached to a foundation. Those homes are considered by the state (and county) to be typical single-family residences and will qualify for a standard mortgage. Our code compliant homes are not built on wheels and meet or exceed the Florida Building Code requirements. Feel free to give us a call for more information. 407-413-9660.

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