Cornerstone Tiny Home Plans & Pricing

Below are Cornerstone Tiny Home plans and pricing.

These represent our Finished Units. Each Finished Unit comes standard with all the features you need to live in your tiny home.

Every Finished Unit includes the following:

  • Air Conditioning/Heating Unit
  • Refrigerator
  • Large Kitchen Sink
  • Induction Cooking Burner
  • On-Demand Tankless Water Heater
  • Outside Stairs to Tiny House
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Porcelain Toilet
  • Porcelain Bathroom Sink

Each Finished Unit can be considered our “base model”, which leaves room for you to upgrade and customize with us, or for you to upgrade and customize yourself.

So the price of each of these Finished Units is, more or less, our starting price. While you can subtract and substitute appliances and finishes to make the price go down, you will have to come up with the standard features yourself in order to live in your tiny home. So the price can’t go down by much.

These prices give you an idea of where to start, and what to compare other builders’ prices with as part of your tiny home planning.

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice, and no taxes are shown in the prices below.

The Kerouac (8’x16′)

16' Kerouac Cornerstone Tiny Home Plans

Price for Finished Unit: $34,720.00

The Tiny Dee (8’x16′)

16' Tiny Dee Cornerstone Tiny Home Plan

Price for Finished Unit: $36,428.91

The Cortes (8’x20′)

8x20 Cortes Cornerstone Tiny Home Plans

Price for Finished Unit: $40,941.87

The Maddox (8’x20′)

The Maddox Cornerstone Tiny Home Plan

Price for Finished Unit: $41,682.20

The Vincente (8’x24′)

24ft Vincente Cornerstone Tiny Home Plan

Price for Finished Unit: $49,374.65

The Fontana (8’x24′)

28 Fontana Cornerstone Tiny Home Plan

Price for Finished Unit: $57,902.31

Check back to this page often, as we will continually update it with our latest features.

Remember that Cornerstone Tiny Homes also builds completely custom units, in addition to these Finished Units.

You can be involved from start to finish in designing your very own custom tiny home. You can begin with ideas you see here, and go wild from there. We have all the skills necessary to build anything you can imagine.

37 thoughts on “Cornerstone Tiny Home Plans & Pricing

    1. We plan to be having an open house here at our manufacturing facility in Longwood, FL in the next 6 weeks or so. If you live in the area, stay tuned and we will keep you updated. If you need to see something sooner than that, send me an email at and I might be able to work something out for you.

      Thanks for contacting us!


  1. Same as the other comment above. I for sure would be interested in attending an open house. Please keep us posted on that! I have approx half of the money needed for a build. Do you work with finance companies or institutions that would give an RV loan? So glad you posted the pictures! Thank you!

    1. All right, Jason!

      We were just discussing the open house today and we should have a firm date by the end of this week. It will be some time in August 2015 (probably Saturday the 15th, but that is contingent upon a few factors as yet unknown).

      And yes, we do work with lenders who provide a loan similar to an RV loan. If you want more information on this, call me at (407) 413-9660.


  2. I am very interested in your open house in Longwood next month. Do we need to sign up or will you post the definite date and address on here? Looking forward to finally touring a tiny home in person versus video. Do you know which models there will be there to tour? Thanks for your time.

    1. Thanks for your interest, Tracy!

      We formally decided yesterday that our open house will be on Saturday August 15th at our 6500 square foot tiny home manufacturing facility in Longwood, Florida.

      We will have 2 builds going on at that time and you can inspect our building process and ask questions for yourself.

      In addition to that, we are still finalizing what else will be available to see.

      What I can tell you right now is that we do not plan to disappoint!

      So stay tuned for new updates as the time draws near!

      1. Thank you so much for the quick response. I am so excited for this and will be on the lookout for more updates. Thanks again!

  3. I’m just starting to,adjust my life so I can save and purchase a tiny house. What I have in mind no has a French door in the living area so I can have an open type house when the weather permits. I’d like to build a patio off the French doors. I do have some work to do on my end to get ready and able to afford but I would love be to attend the next open house. I’m in Sarasota. Thank you!

    1. Hi Carly!

      We have 2pm Tours every Friday! No need to RSVP. Just come on down and see what tiny houses we are building in our manufacturing facility. Friday 2pm Tours are an opportunity for you to get all of your questions answered on all things tiny! We’ll still have our big Open Houses, when a tiny home is finished. Check back here and on your Facebook page for Open House announcements!

      – CTH

  4. I missed the last open house. Could you let me know when you decide the date of the next open house? I live in Bradenton so I’m not too far! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jacinta!

      We have 2pm Tours every Friday! No need to RSVP. Just come on down and see what tiny houses we are building in our manufacturing facility. Friday 2pm Tours are an opportunity for you to get all of your questions answered on all things tiny! We’ll still have our big Open Houses, when a tiny home is finished. Check back here and on your Facebook page for Open House announcements!

      Hope to see you there! – CTH

  5. I came to the Open House but had to leave due to the parking problems. I continue to be very interested in setting up a time where both my wife and I can sit down and have a good discussion. I am an active Priest (Anglican) and my wife is a retired school teacher and I would love to downsize our lifestyle and believe this is the way to go. We were both ocean racing sail boaters’ and understand the concept of small efficient spaces but my wife does not wish to live on a boat.

    You may contact me either by E-Mail at Revsup1@aol or by cell phone at 352-598-7569.

    Thank you in advance.

    Father Art Rushlow

    1. Hello Father Rushlow,

      We love working with folks who understand the concept of living tiny! We’ll be calling you shortly to begin the custom design process. Oh, and we resolved the parking issue we had at our last open house. Our apologies for the inconvenience, Hope to speak with you soon!


  6. I don’t see pricing or layout for the Walden. I saw the model but some parts were unclear. For example, what is the actual size of the living room space, if any? What is the actual size of the downstairs bedroom? Can the Walden be put on a foundation? This means perm. connections to water, sewer and electricity? Does the Walden come with the basic features you’ve listed on your website or is the list different? For example, does it come with a full refrigerator, washer/dryer comb, fan? Something tells me all those are extras.

    I’m looking forward to the modular sections that you’ve talked about. It would make it easier to customize the TH.

    BTW, Happy Turkey day!!!!


    1. Hi Yolanda!

      Thanks for reading and for your feedback! Excellent questions! The Walden is 376 sq. ft, including the loft. The first floor is 256 sq. ft.; the living space is 136 sq. ft. We are currently revising the Tiny Home Plans and Pricing page on our website, to include the plans and pricing for The Walden. In the meantime, we will send that info directly to your email! :)

      Answers to more great questions:

      1- All our tiny houses are on wheels (THOWs). Currently, we do not build homes on foundations.
      2- Our standard features are listed on the Tiny Home Plans and Pricing page, but a more comprehensive list of what comes standard with every Cornerstone tiny home will be added to the revised page soon. We will also include the full list in my email to you. And you are correct. A combo washer/dryer and fan are extra, but an under-the-counter refrigerator (with an optional freezer split) is included in our base pricing.
      3- All our homes come with full hook-ups for water, sewer and electric.

      Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. We had a great weekend with 150 folks attending our Open House, with some folks taking advantage of our “Tiny Saturday” free combination washer/dryer “GO Deal.” We hope your Turkey Day was good too! :)


  7. I’ve always wondered what is the height in the homes? What is the standard height under and in the lofts? I eventually want to make it out to one of your tours.

    1. The loft height is basically up to you. We try to keep them at least 6′-4″ but have lowered them for some people. This leaves about 3′-6″ to 4′ in the highest part of the loft. We’d love to see you at one of our tours and will post on Facebook and our website when we start tours again.

  8. Hello,

    I’d like to know the pricing and see the floor plan for the Walden “base model,” please. Also, are there any tentative dates for the next open house event? I would be traveling there from California, so would like to time my visit to coincide with the best opportunity for viewing a finished home or homes in early 2016.

    Thank you, and wishing you happy new year!

    Kim :)

    1. Hey Kim, thanks for your inquiry. We are in the process of completely remodeling our website so please pardon us not posting the Walden pricing. The Walden is usually custom priced because when we get to that size it seems that base pricing is thrown out the window anyway. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page as I’m sure we will be having an open house in early 2016. Our doors are usually open to anyone who calls ahead and we’ll take you on a private tour. I added your email address to our contact list so you should get a “heads up” on our next open house. Have a great 2016!

  9. Hello
    We are interested in Tiny Home living, but want a tiny home that will accommodate us and our 3 year old daughter. Maybe a bedroom on the main floor and staircase leading to upper loft that still offers privacy and safety.

    1. Great question Emilee! I have been wanting to do a build for a little girl where we build in a mini castle or some kind of theme to make their bedroom fun instead of just small. As far as the 2nd bedroom, we can get together and design you something that would work for you. We can be very creative and our guys in the shop can build anything that we can draw. Give us a call, let’s get you started!

    1. Sure we could ship to Australia! You might have me as a stowaway once it arrives. You have many great builders in Australia, have you checked Facebook for “Tiny House Australia”? Check them out, good people.

    1. Thank you for your inquiry Angela. We currently don’t have any open houses scheduled, that’s not to say that we won’t have one soon. You are welcome to schedule a private tour anytime. We just ask that you set an appointment.

  10. My husband and I are odds trying to figure out what would be best for us. So here’s the thing, we have two children, a 9 year old girl, who needs her own space, a 5 year old boy again, own space and we are trying to expand our family, which means we parents need privacy too. What’s the longest a towable house could be? Can we do multiple rooms/lofts, so that everyone has a space, without giving up a kitchen, eating space and a living room. We need tons of storage obviously for backpacks, school supplies and diapers, etc. Can you help us, can you make my husband’s dream come true, without me feeling like there are 5 of us in a shoe box.

    1. We can build pretty much as long as you need. We are building one in our shop right now that is 28′ long with 3 separate sleeping areas for someone with 2 children. We can build longer! We have some really creative designs with privacy in mind. We could start with one of those and customize it for your family. Give us a call, we’re pretty creative.

  11. Hello! I love so many things about your company, RVIA certified, in FL (I live in South FL and was glad to find a company “close”) and your builds too! I do have a couple of preliminary questions if you will:

    What about internet? (We would need 20 Mbps) My husband and I are both writers and would be purchasing a tiny house in hopes of travel, writing, cooking (me) and exploring the US!

    With the porcelain toilet, how is it cleaned or emptied? Is there an option for the composting (no clean up) toilets?

    Do you offer solar panels?

    Do you offer a reclamation (not sure if this is the right term) that collects rain water and recycles the rest of the water used within the tiny house?

    I think that’s it for now, looking forward to your response. My husband and I would be interested in an upcoming open house or viewing times as well. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Emily! I will try to answer your questions in order:

      We pre-wire for phone and cable, if you need something else for your internet we will make accommodations.

      Yes there is an option for composting toilets

      We will install solar panels but I recommend waiting. Solar prices have dropped 60% in the past 2 years. The break even point for solar on a tiny home is over 10 years right now, that will change drastically in the next couple of years. Our homes are so well insulated that your power bills will run under $30.00 a month most likely depending on your power company. We completely believe in solar energy, if you’re using it as a money saving tool, it’s not where it needs to be just yet but will be soon.

      You can collect rainwater but our suggestion is to install gutters after the home is delivered because the width of the home will have to be narrower to fit the gutters for DOT regulations.

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