Why Go Small?

The Tiny Home Trend is Here to Stay

Many people continue to join the tiny home movement.
Here are a few of the key reasons why more people are choosing to “Go Small”.

Life Simplification

One of the most common reasons people choose to “go small” is for life simplification. We live in a hectic, often-stressful world. We tend to fill spaces in our lives with stuff we don’t need, nor often can even afford. Tiny home living helps us to break out of those habits, to shed the things we don’t need so that we can focus more on things we really do. By simplifying and decluttering, we soon discover that there’s less work we have to do and more time to enjoy experiences we truly value.

  • Minimalist Living
  • Fewer Possessions
  • Declutter / Simplify
  • Less Work, More Time

Affordable Homeownership

Tiny homes make the American Dream of home ownership affordable. Homeownership, in turn, provides sources of independence, integrity, wealth-building, and pride. Most Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their income* on their homes, which are often much larger and more expensive, than they really need. Cornerstone Tiny Homes start from just $91,000 plus tax, delivery and site work—making home ownership a remarkable reality.

  • Own Instead of Renting
  • 76% of Americans Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck*
  • 78% of Tiny Home Owners Own Their Homes vs. 65% of Traditional Home Owners*
  • 68% of Tiny Home Owners Have No Mortgages vs. 29.3% of All U.S. Home Owners*
  • Shorter Mortgages, Faster Payoffs

Financial Savings

Owning a home and keeping more of your hard-earned money to earn equity vs. giving it away in rental fees every month, is a huge financial advantage. But there are many more benefits to tiny living that enable you to keep saving for years! Tiny homes need far fewer furnishings. They require much less maintenance and repair. And they come with lower taxes, insurance and energy costs. Add those savings up and consider what you could be doing with them, instead!

  • 85% of Tiny Home Owners Have Less Credit Card Debt Than the Average American*
  • 65% of Tiny Home Owners Have Zero Credit Card Debt*
  • Save with Lower Taxes & Insurance
  • Save with Lower Utility Bills
  • Save with Lower Home Repairs & Maintenance
  • Save with Fewer Furnishings

Freedom & Adventure

Choosing to become part of the tiny home movement activates a lifestyle change that is the result of simplified living. Living in a smaller space often causes a focus shift to life outside the home and investigating more experiences in the community. In addition, wheeled tiny homes tend to facilitate more travel and adventures. Tiny homes provide the satisfaction of living life on your own terms!

  • Activates a Life Change
  • Focus Shifts to Life Outside the Homes
  • Facilitates Mobility & Travel
  • Encourages Freedom & Adventure
  • Living Life on Your Own terms

Environmental Consciousness

The smaller sizes of tiny homes make them naturally more environmentally friendly. They require fewer natural resources to build and fewer to furnish and maintain. Because our tiny homes are built in a precision factory setting, there is less materials waste. Tiny houses consume less energy and have a lower carbon footprint. In any case, going small can not only be better for you, but healthier for the planet, too!

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Fewer Natural Resources
  • Less Waste
  • Conserve Energy

*All data statistics via tinylife.com.

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